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Forum: Fun & Misc
Topic: Diary: A NolanFans Story
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Re: Diary: A NolanFans Story

mchekhov 2: Chek Harder wrote:
Michaelf2225 wrote: what do you do?
points for the person who can remember the movie quote this reminds me of
by eGregiovs
Forum: World Affairs & Philosophy
Topic: U.S Presidential Election (2016)
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Re: U.S Presidential Election (2016)

As a political atheist, I'm researching Gov. Gary Johnson & Dr. Jill Stein now.

My thoughts concerning Drumpf and the Clinton Crime Family:
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Forum: Dunkirk
Topic: Teaser/Trailer#1
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Re: Teaser/Trailer#1

Bacon wrote:I had a dream this thing was released online. My subconscious wants this too. Release it already WB.
You're waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you don't know for sure...
by eGregiovs
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Topic: Recommend Me A Movie Topic
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Re: Recommend-Me-A-Movie-Topic

Nomis wrote:Would like something along the lines of Eastern Promises, could be a classic, year doesn't matter, doesn't matter if it's a comedy either

I know a bit vague lol
A Prophet and Mesrine.
by eGregiovs
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Topic: Justice League (2017)
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Re: Justice League (2017)

I found Affleck more believable in the Wonder Woman trailer.