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Forum: Christopher Nolan
Topic: Is Nolan the Best or Worst thing to happen to Comic Book Movies?
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Re: Is Nolan the Best or Worst thing to happen to Comic Book

I'm far from a comic book fan, so I don't think my opinion makes a difference, but I say the best. Realism creates tension in a different way. I really don't understand what this question is doing in this forum. You know everyone here will give you pretty much the same answer in different form. Ther...
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Forum: Music & Games
Topic: General Music Thread
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Re: General music thread

christophmac wrote:Anyone own a record player here?
I do own one, with a diamond needle(which was a must have when my father was a collector). I still go to album fairs and buy records. Mostly classical. The music I prefer to isn't available in vinyl, but classical is my second choice.
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Forum: Movies & TV
Topic: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)
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Re: The Hobbit: There and Back Again (2014)

Like the previous poster said, it would be impossible for Legolas to develope any kind of positive attitude towards dwarfs at this point, since 'the warming up' is a huge developement in LOTR. If they make him do so it would be just bad writing. But the way they seem to be twisting everything I gues...
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Forum: Music & Games
Topic: Video Games
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Re: Video Games

Does anyone know if GOW will continue on ps4?
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Forum: Movies & TV
Topic: Recommend-Me-A-TV Series-Topic
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Re: Recommend-Me-A-TV Series-Topic

I'm rather new to this forum thing. If I recommend Misfits, will I get similar suggestions in return or is this just another thread where people name their favorite shows for others to bash? I'm really interested in six feet under. Every good show has a certain "spirit". I've watched many shows that...
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Forum: Movies & TV
Topic: HBO's Game of Thrones (2011-2019)
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HBO's Game of Thrones

For me Jon is the least interesting character so far. The most interesting story-wise at the moment is Arya, but the most interesting as a personality is Tyrion and his henchman. Who do you think are the most interesting and boring characters, folks? I'm not trying to make this in to a poll, just in...
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Forum: Reporting & Suggestions
Topic: The Official Nolan Fans v3 Feature Requests Thread
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The Official Nolan Fans v3 Feature Requests Thread

I bet this has been requested a thousand times, but how about a delete-button? I mean... what do you do with stupid newbies like me? Throw them straight out when they make the first mistake? I have never been on a forum where I can't delete or modify my own posts. Can some mod please delete my last ...
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Forum: The Dark Knight Rises
Topic: [SPOILERS] Plot Holes
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[SPOILERS] Plot Holes

I just went through 81 pages of this, so I won't bother with the quotes. To the ones who complained about the quick recovery of Bruce's knee: Don't you think it might have been put there intentionally? To show just how down and depressed he was. The knee was an easily fixable thing that he couldn't ...