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by AmRAaM
Forum: Interstellar
Topic: Interstellar Premiere (Red carpet)
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Re: Interstellar Premiere (Red carpet)

Apologies for the poor quality but here's a quick shot I took of the temporary room we were staggered to see in the Mezzanine in the Grand Rex used to house the 70mm projection equipment for the premiere. According the Rex's facebook page Mr Nolan paid a visit to th...
by AmRAaM
Forum: Interstellar
Topic: Official Tickets Thread
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Re: Official Tickets Thread

The BFI just confirmed on Twitter

"Tickets for #Interstellar at BFI IMAX will be going on sale Friday 10th October (takeoff time to be confirmed) "
by AmRAaM
Forum: The Dark Knight Rises
Topic: Show Your TDKR Ticket
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Show Your TDKR Ticket

I know others here have posted confirmation screenshots but I just wanted to make it a little more real for those going to the London BFI IMAX with the photo below. After 4 hours of retrying on the BFI website, 3 hours sleep, then getting straight on the underground to Waterloo and at 10am... http:/...