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Forum: World Affairs & Philosophy
Topic: A thread for Science
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Re: A thread for Science

Amidst the media storm about Tesla being on the verge of kicking the bucket, it's interesting to read articles from a year ago that show that non-automobile related markets are seriously preparing for self driving cars to become a real, widespread thing, if not the norm in personal transportation. A...
by Firkin_47
Forum: The Dark Knight
Topic: Why is Heath Ledger's Joker considered to be so good?
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Re: Why is Heath Ledger's Joker considered to be so good?

I think that the appeal behind Ledger's Joker, apart from the talent of the actor himself of course, would be based on the character's sick humor, definitely a notch higher in quality when compared to the other Jokers, and the fact that he's supported by a solid movie with scenes directed with talen...
by Firkin_47
Forum: Aspiring Filmmakers
Topic: What are you working on?
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Re: What are you working on?

My friends and I have been working for what must be 6 years now on a short to mid-length movie centered around the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. PC game series, but by now we're mostly referring to it as a joke since we never got around to do anything serious about it... The fact that some of us moved thousands of...
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Forum: Future Projects
Topic: Christopher Nolan For Making A Bond Movie?
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Re: Christopher Nolan For Making A Bond Movie?

It's true that a Bond movie set in the decade between the independence of India and the Suez crisis, when the UK still could think of staying a world class superpower and an empire, would be fascinating ; plus there would be LOTS of antagonists to choose from, the good old Soviets (a plot around Sta...
by Firkin_47
Forum: Inception
Topic: Ariadne's maze
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Re: Ariadne's maze

I wonder how many great questions in literature, movies or art in general are due to the scenarist or someone else overlooking something and leaving the fans to think about what it means :lol: But if it's done on purpose, then yes, it perfectly fits the plot of the movie, which IS about a maze you c...
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Forum: Dunkirk
Topic: Dunkirk General Information/Discussion
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Re: Dunkirk General Information/Discussion

I'd be actually quite surprised if the CoD WW2 map did NOT take inspiration from the Dunkirk movie ; the first game was pretty much a game adaptation of the main WW2 movies of its era (mostly Saving Private Ryan and Stalingrad), and cinematographic influences remained very present through the series...
by Firkin_47
Forum: Batman Begins
Topic: Am I the only one who thought Ra's was the best villain?
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Re: Am I the only one who thought Ra's was the best villain?

And that's exactly why I prefer Ra's to the Joker.

A villain that acts out his plans based on his beliefs and logic, in order to make the world a better place, will always "beat" a villain that does what he does because "its for the lulz xD". Feels way too teenage for me.