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by ThePhantomTerror
Forum: World Affairs & Philosophy
Topic: Coronavirus Pandemic (2020)
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Re: Coronavirus Pandemic (2020)

At least Fauci has said
To my knowledge, none of us have ever been told to slow down on testing. That just is a fact ... So, it's the opposite. We're going to be doing more testing, not less.
by ThePhantomTerror
Forum: Movies & TV
Topic: RIP Ian Holm (1931 - 2020)
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Re: RIP Ian Holm (1931 - 2020)

Peter Jackson's tribute is just wonderful. The Wonderful Sir Ian Holm I’m feeling very sad at the passing of Sir Ian Holm. Ian was such a delightful, generous man. Quiet, but cheeky, with a lovely twinkle in his eye. Back in early 2000, before we started shooting our Bilbo scenes for The Fellowship...
by ThePhantomTerror
Forum: Tenet
Topic: Who else is going into this film 'blind'?
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Re: Who else is going into this film 'blind'?

This is something I'm doing more regularly with films that I know I'm going to see, and it has been a pleasant surprise. No expectations, no spoilers, just me and the film. I know it's probably too late for some of you with Tenet, and I know that sometimes we can't help ourselves by nature, but I u...
by ThePhantomTerror
Forum: Movies & TV
Topic: Let's talk about...[Insert film/person]
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Re: Let's talk about...[Insert film/person]

Bacon wrote:
June 14th, 2020, 10:21 pm
What's everyone's thoughts on Barry Lyndon?
One of Kubrick's most memorable film IMO.
by ThePhantomTerror
Forum: Movies & TV
Topic: Last Film You Watched? VI
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Re: Last Film You Watched? VI

How is Ryan's Daughter? I need to get around to watching it because I've seen so much else of David Lean David Lean is fantastic, so I had really high expectations going into this. I’ll admit I was a little disappointed, but it’s still definitely worth a watch. The cinematography was for sure the b...
by ThePhantomTerror
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Topic: Video Games Part II
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Re: Video Games Part II

Or if any of ya'll have suggestions? Yakuza 0 . Best story in the series, best for newcomers, and one of the most entertaining games I've played recently. It's paced so well that after 90 hours it never got boring for me. EDIT: I've only played the demo and watched the walkthroughs, but I second Va...
by ThePhantomTerror
Forum: Fun & Misc
Topic: Diary: A NolanFans Story
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Re: Diary: A NolanFans Story

Anyone else ever get kind of insecure that they sometimes don't get super deep readings from films or books on the first or second go like other people? I find that I can't be bothered with that, actually. Nowadays whenever I read a book (fiction or non-fiction), I just try to feel how good the aut...
by ThePhantomTerror
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Topic: Half-Life: Alyx
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Re: Half-Life: Alyx

Damn, that ending tho...