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by Rick Deckard
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Topic: Dunkirk Nolan Fans Member Reviews (NFometer)
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Re: 'Dunkirk' Nolan Fans Member Reviews (NFometer)

Mabuhay from the Philippines!!! Why would we hate a Nolan film? I think its brilliant. Divinely directed. Filmed very majestically. Having actually watched the film just now, it made me understand the Dunkirk spirit the British people have. A miracle so it was in Dunkirk. And may this film continue ...
by Rick Deckard
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Topic: IMAX Locations and Info Thread
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Re: IMAX Locations and Info Thread

It is with deep sorrow that we inform you that there is no 1570 IMAX Film release of Dunkirk at the largest IMAX screen here in the Philippines, nor we are looking forward 70mm or 35mm. Which means we have to be contented with the f*cking Digital Versions. Probable causes: 1. Given that the cost of ...
by Rick Deckard
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Topic: Trailer #3
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Re: Trailer #3

Hi I'm the Deck, from the Philippines. Just got home from the IMAX 3D screening of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' at my local IMAX Theatre. There is no new 'DUNKIRK' trailer. They've only shown the Teaser Trailer. The one that we got before Suicide Squad.