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by Chief Squancho
Forum: The Prestige
Topic: [SPOILERS] Are you watching closely?
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Re: [SPOILERS] Are you watching closely?

I don't think we're missing anything massive like that. I've watched it, oh, at least once a month since I got it on DVD, and I still pick stuff up - how lines of dialogue are connected and so forth - but not really anything in terms of plot points. The ending is perfectly explained for me too. I th...
by Chief Squancho
Forum: The Prestige
Topic: Better on a second viewing
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Re: Better on a second viewing

When I saw the movie in theatres, I entered at the mausoleum scene (the nearest theatre is a 50-mile drive) so naturally I didn't understand what was going on, and was somewhat disappointed with the movie. I definitely liked The Prestige on the second viewing, and every time I watch it I still pick ...
by Chief Squancho
Forum: Inception
Topic: Inception rumours
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Re: Inception rumours

But I'm curious how an African enviroment can look in a sci-fi movie :D (hey, I'm a Senior Member now! :D) Congrats! Maybe I'll get there someday. Anyhow, as to how an African environment would look in a sci-fi movie, check out The Cell; the opening sequence was filmed in Namibia, if I recall, and ...
by Chief Squancho
Forum: Inception
Topic: Inception (2010)
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Re: Inception (2010)

I'm personally glad that Mr. Nolan's taking a break from Batman because although I certainly love his take on Batman, I also love his non-Batman movies (he's far and away my favorite director). I'm excited for Inception, and when I first read the premise I immediately thought of The Cell, a film whi...
by Chief Squancho
Forum: Following
Topic: Who's seen Following?
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Re: Who's seen Following?

Following is pretty fantastic, especially given that it was filmed on a budget of something like US$6000. Beyond the fact that the movie's good in its own right I also liked listening to the director's commentary and learning how the film was made so well with so little.