Goodbye Nolan Fans, Hello Snyder Fans! A New King Has Been Crowned!

Zack Snyder directors Batman and Wonder Woman

Update: *April Fools*

After 11 years of running Nolan Fans, Teddy and Alex have decided to sell the website to new owners — who promptly decided the site should shift focus to WB‘s new darling director; Zack Snyder. After a recent fallout between Christopher Nolan and studio executives over the release and awards season campaign surrounding Tenet, it is unknown if the the director will ever work with the studio again. And with the praise that Zack Snyder is getting from fans and critics for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it seems clear who has a bright future and who doesn’t.

Now obviously The Dark Knight is a great movie, but Zack Snyder has now proven himself as the definitive Batman director with Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Why still have a fansite for Christopher Nolan? His future is obviously in the air. Who is going to hire him to make his bloated, pointlessly confusing, poorly mixed action movies now that Warner Bros. is no longer by his side? Studios that still care about originality and pushing the envelope of what mainstream cinema can be? Psshhhhh. No such thing!

Obviously this is a lame April fools joke, but what did you want to us to do? Say Christopher Nolan’s next movie is going to be made at Disney and shot in 3D? Ha!

Well part of that statement seems possible…

Anyways, Happy April fools y’all!

by Chad Johnson