Christopher Nolan’s Upcoming Film Rumored to Shoot in Italy

Ravello Italy

According to Italian news outlet Positano News, Christoper Nolan’s upcoming film will shoot on location in Ravello, Italy. Located off the scenic Amalfi coast in southern Italy, Ravello is the first filming location that has been reported with some credibility. The publication states “the director has visited the city of the Amalfi coast to explore its most characteristic corners and identify possible film sets.”

While the article (translated only through online resources) notes that these are just rumors, it also suggests that many locations in Ravello were in fact chosen. The city has a lot of scenic views, historic buildings and landmarks, and a killer music stage atop a cliff. I’d love to see this city filmed on IMAX, and the music stage gives me major Hitchcockian vibes.

Ravello 1 Ravello 2Ravello 3

Production on the film is rumored to being this June, and a release date has been set for July 17, 2020. Until then share your thoughts, speculations on filming locations, and all of your excitement on our forums!


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by Teddy Blass