Is Nolan’s Next Film Going to be Filmed in Dunkirk, France?


It’s a Christmas miracle… possibly.

According to a local French news website, Mayor of Dunkirk, Patrice Vergriete, has announced that their municipality is to expect a huge American film production from the end of May to end of June, 2016. Who the film director is, is kept secret, but sources say it is Christopher Nolan. Himself and his brother Jonathan have visited the town recently. A link to a comprehensive translation of the original source is after the jump.

TRANSLATION by Maya AKA athenslibertytime on tumblr

Dunkirk (Northern France) is known historically for it’s evacuation of British soldiers through the English Channel during World War II. A few films have already been made about this operation; Dunkirk (1958), Weekend at Dunkirk (1964) and the British TV Movie Dunkirk (2004). It is likely that this famous era will be the setting of the film; not necessarily the plot.

Jonathan tagging along suggests that he is once again collaborating with his brother. A World War II period piece would not be outside of Nolan’s range, as The Prestige is a science fiction period piece. Nonetheless, finally a genre and possibly era to ponder over.

Warner Bro’s announced 9 September 2015, the release date for Nolan’s next feature film – July 21, 2017. So any confirmation of Nolan shooting in Dunkirk would be welcome. I can wait till New Year’s…

by Kelly Williams