Documentary Short by Christopher Nolan to Premiere Next Month


Earlier today, Tribeca Film announced that Christopher Nolan has made a short film that will have its world premiere on Wednesday, August 19, 2015. The short film, titled Quay, centered on the lives of identical twins Stephen and Timothy Quay who are known for their stop-motion animation work.

The short which is shot in 35mm, of course, will premiere as part of Film Forum‘s larger series THE QUAY BROTHERS – IN 35MM which was curated by Nolan himself. Nolan and the Quay Brothers will attend the first screening and have a Q&A session following the screening. Buy tickets here.

Though this is not the feature film announcement we were waiting for, it sure is an interesting interlude on Nolan’s part.

UPDATE: Christopher Nolan’s new short Quay will hit Blu-ray on October 20th.

by Kelly Williams