Christopher Nolan Will Shoot Parts of Interstellar in IMAX

Nolan Shoots Interstellar in IMAX

IMAX chairman Greg Foster announced during tonight’s opening presentation at CinemaCon that portions of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar will be shot using IMAX cameras. Christopher Nolan pioneered the use of IMAX cameras in Hollywood feature films back when he filmed nearly 30 minutes of footage in the format for 2008’s The Dark Knight. Since then a number of filmmakers have embraced the format, including Michael Bay and J.J. Abrams.

Interstellar will be Nolan’s first feature since Following to not have Wally Pfister behind the camera as Director of Photography; a fact that certainly left me uncertain whether or not Nolan would shoot IMAX on this project. I would also say that this begs the question: who will be the DP on Interstellar? We reported at the beginning of the month that Nolan was scouting for locations in Iceland, an activity in which it was common for Wally Pfister to join Nolan in. It’s not unreasonable to wonder if Nolan had a cinematographer with him this time in Iceland. So… who do you think will be the DP for Interstellar? Comment below!

by Teddy Blass