Christopher Nolan Scouting Interstellar Locations In Iceland

Interstellar Iceland

According to an Icelandic website, Christopher Nolan spent the Easter weekend in Iceland scouting locations for his upcoming sci-fi film Interstellar. In the article, translated by NF user Robin, native Icelander Árni Björn Helgason simply states that the director was scouting locations in the scenic country, but was unwilling to say more. Helgason was the Iceland unit production manager for Star Trek Into Darkness, and is a production manager for Sagafilm, the leading independent production company in Iceland.

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan looked at possible locations in Iceland at Easter for the film Interstellar he is a work in progress. News Time reported this tonight.

Matthew McConaughey is going to take a lead role in the science fiction and is based on the theories of physical chemist Kip Throne of ormagöng or Einstein-Rosen bridge. “Yes, Christopher Nolan was here on our roads over Easter, but more I can not say,” said Árni Björn Helgason , CEO of foreign production in Sagafilm in conversation with the prime time news.
– Vignir Jón Vignisson

One thing that comes to mind when I hear of Christopher Nolan scouting; a cinematographer. As we all know now, Wally Pfister is leaving cinematography behind to enter the realm of directing feature films. In fact, he’s starting production this month on Transcendence, a feature film starring Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall and Kate Mara. While Wally has found a cinematographer for his film, Hott Fuzz DP Jess Hall, there’s no word on who Nolan is interested in having replace Wally.

Interstellar is slated to enter theaters on November 7, 2014, so it’s reasonable to assume production will be gearing up in the coming months and that pre-production is already bursting out of the gate. In the meantime, head over to our forums to stay on top of the latest updates, news, and discussions.

by Teddy Blass