January Fan Art: Batman Begins, IMAX Prologue, & More

January Fan Art

Welcome to the January Fan Art roundup, the first entry for 2012 in our series of monthly write-ups showcasing fan art relating to the work of Christopher Nolan. Each month we comb through the fan art submissions on our Forums and our Tumblr page, then we collect the half-dozen or so pieces that are getting the most feedback to share them here in these roundups. So what does this month’s roundup include? We have beautiful new Batman Begins inspired 2D digital art, an epic recreation of the The Dark Knight Rises IMAX prologue score, and some very creative The Dark Knight Rises inspired videos, posters, and pieces of art.

Last month, Nolan Fans forum user Constantine (Konstantinos Vagelis) shared two wonderful pieces of digital art inspired by Inception and The Dark Knight Rises. This month we get his latest piece of Nolan inspired art, which showcases Bruce Wayne’s journey abroad via Batman Begins:

Journey by Konstantinos Vagelis

In perhaps my most shameless plug of all time, the next piece of fan art up for discussion is one of my own. In my free time over the past 5 weeks, I’ve been dabbling with a recreation of Hans Zimmer’s epic and thrilling score for the Dark Knight Rises prologue. If I hadn’t been receiving such a positive reception in our forums, I definitely wouldn’t be sharing this. Alas, here is a rough but exciting interpretation of Hans Zimmer’s opening cue to The Dark Knight Rises by yours truly:

Dugg E made an awesome digital speed paining titled Break The Bat featuring Bane. Below is a video of his process of creating the work of art, and for those interested, he also posted the art to DeviantArt for download here. Check it out:

This photo popped up online recently and is getting a lot attention. Apparently the art was done by Art By Architecture students at CETP Univeristy in India. It’s a completely badass and creative piece of The Dark Knight inspired wall art:

Why So Serious by CEPT University students

Next up we have this cool and stylish drawing of Bane in the vein of a non-existent Dark Knight animated series by Sergio Quijada:

Bane by Sergio

And lastly, Doğan Can Gündoğdu, a reader of ours who sent in those amazing The Dark Knight Rises banners featured in our November Fan Art roundup, recently created this wonderful opening credit sequence to The Dark Knight Rises:

That does it for this month. If you’re an artist, editor, or musician, etc., and you would like your art featured in one of our monthly Fan Art write-ups, hit us up on Tumblr or in the Fan Art section in the Nolan Fans Forums. Thanks. See you next month with some more great Fan Art!

by Teddy Blass