Christopher Nolan Outtake From These Amazing Shadows

Christopher Nolan in These Amazing Shadows

As some of you may know, Christopher Nolan was one of the many filmmakers to appear in the 2011 documentary These Amazing Shadows. An Official Selection at Sundance, the documentary tells the history and importance of the The National Film Registry, which is a collection of American cinema classics. The filmmakers interviewed Christopher Nolan for the documentary back in 2010 about two weeks before the release of Inception. Amazed at how Nolan somehow had the time and energy to show up for the interview, the filmmakers prompted him with a number of questions about the Registry. He appeared with coffee in hand, and wearing his trademark vest and suit. In the documentary you can see Nolan and other famous filmmakers give their thoughtful answers about the a number of cinema classics. But like most movies, some scraps and pieces were left on the editing room floor.

Kurt Norton, one of the directors of These Amazing Shadows, recently shared with us one of the extra scraps that didn’t make it into the final cut of the film. The outtake was from a question about Star Wars, which Christopher Nolan has mentioned as being highly influential in his decision to become a filmmaker. So while we’re taking a bit of a break from posting otherwise spoiler-heavy The Dark Knight Rises news, we thought you might enjoy this little nugget. Check out Christopher Nolan’s answer who he identifies with, Luke Skywalker or Han Solo, in High Definition below.

You can learn more about the film These Amazing Shadows by visiting its Official Site.

by Teddy Blass