Inception Viral Marketing Hits the Streets

Viral Mr. Will-W attended a marketing round table for Inception over a week ago where the general feeling described was a loss at how to creatively market the film. He did mention a public transit marketing strategy discussion took place, and it appears that has manifested itself into what is now appearing in Chicago.

The guys over at Screen Rant recently noticed some strange posters with the phrases “THOUGHT THEFT IS REAL” and “PROTECT YOUR THOUGHTS” in the streets of Chicago. Each poster ends with the phrase “LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT MIND CRIME” and a QR code. The QR code leads to, a viral site recently discovered by our forum members after cryptic commercials stating “DID YOU KNOW THE GOVERNMENT CAN ACCESS YOUR MIND” allowed text messages to be sent in during a limited time frame for further information.

The campaign is reminiscent of District 9’s public transit marketing that went on last summer, although Inception’s may be a bit more ambiguous. While District 9’s left people with a website, the Inception posters just have a QR code leading to site that does not seem tied to a film at all. But it remains to be seen how widespread this will go. Will it be a focus point for the film’s marketing, or is this just something for the fans to enjoy?

Image Credit: [ScreenRant]

by George