Nolan Interviews Dream Researchers in Inception Viral Video

It looks as though the viral Mind Crime game for Inception is becoming more involving as the days pass. After three new production stills were released this week, players found a mysterious poster within the game displaying the film’s dream machine and a note attached reading “SEND TO CPT DARREN BARTEL.” Nothing came of the find until forum member┬áThe_Maestro did an online search for Cpt Darren Bartel and found a video on YouTube of Christopher Nolan interviewing various dream researchers!

The video starts off innocently enough, but once one of the researchers mentions subjects collectively sharing a dream experience and a military project called “Project Somnacin,” things get intriguing. Considering Inception’s dream machine was unveiled as Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous Device (via, it appears viral marketing for Inception has finally kicked into the next gear.


by George