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Nolan Picks Hoyte Van Hoytema as DP for Interstellar

Hoyte Van Hoytema Interstellar

According to the Dutch website Film Abides, Hoyte Van Hoytema will be Nolan’s cinematographer for Interstellar. Hoytema is a Dutch national who has worked on a handful of well known films, such as Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy and The Fighter. Hoytema received the Nordic Vision Award in 2008 for Let the Right One In, and is also a multiple Guldbagge Award winner. Christopher Nolan had to find a new cinematographer after longtime, Academy Award winning partner Wally Pfister left the world of cinematography for feature film directing.

We announced last week that Christopher Nolan plans to shoot key sequences of Interstellar on IMAX film, a large format capture medium that is widely regarded as the best capture format in the world. Hoyte Van Hoytema is new to the IMAX format, but his highly skilled in shooting on film, and has been still shooting on film while many cinematographers are switching to digital. I’m personally quite excited by this announcement, as I found Hoytema’s work on Tinker Tailer to be exceptional. He has an aesthetic sensibility that feels raw, yet curiously refined. These characteristics align with how I view Nolan’s sensibilities, yet Hoytema offers something new and fresh. Interstellar will burst into theaters on November 7, 2014. Thanks to dragon319_ca in the forums for the heads-up.

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Johnny Depp In Talks To Star In Wally Pfister’s Transcendence

Wally Pfister, Johnny Depp

We reported back in March about Wally Pfister stepping down from cinematography to direct a feature film being produced by Alcon Entertainment. Since that time we’ve also learned that Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas will serve as executive producers on the project, and that the film’s budget is somewhat substantial. Now, Deadline reports that Johnny Depp is negotiating to star in present-day science-fiction film, which we’ve just learned is titled Transcendence.

The plot of Transcendence, which was written by newcomer Jack Paglen, has been described as in the vein of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Inception. According to THR, the story centers on a man who creates a computer that develops a malevolent awareness. Pfister has met with Noomi Rapace for the film’s female lead, and is considering James McAvoy, Tobey Maguire, and Christoph Waltz for other various roles. According to Deadline, Pfister praised actor Johnny Depp as “a creative and intelligent artist whom I feel will bring great depth to the character and the overall narrative.”

Alcon Entertainment plans on the film going into production in early 2013. We can assume from Pfister’s strong comments in the past that this science-fiction film won’t be getting the 3D treatment.

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Wally Pfister To Receive AFI’s Schaffner Medal

Wally Pfister AFI

Variety is reporting that the American Film Institute will award Wally Pfister their Franklin J. Schaffner Alumni Medal next month. The Academy Award winning cinematographer will be presented with the medal as part of the AFI Life Achievement Award honoring Shirley MacLaine. Pfister has collaborated with director Christopher Nolan on all of his major feature films, starting with Memento over a decade ago. The Schaffner Medal recognizes graduates of the AFI Conservatory, of which Pfister is a 1991 graduate. Other AFI alumni who have been awarded the medal include: David Lynch, Terrence Malick, Ed Zwick, Darren Aronofsky, Janusz Kaminski, and Amy Heckerling.

This medal comes at a pivotal time in Wally Pfister’s career. He is set to direct his first feature film — which is said to have a substantial budget and will be exec produced by Christopher Nolan — in the not-too-distant future. And according to the latest issue of Empire magazine, Wally is looking to retire from cinematography and solely focus on directing after this summer’s The Dark Knight Rises. It’s saddening and equally exciting news — although it feels weird imagining a modern Christopher Nolan film without Wally’s wonderful eye behind the camera. The AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony takes place on June 7th in LA. There’s no word on when Wally’s directorial debut is set to start.

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