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The Fire Rises: A New Real-Time Stategy Game

The Fire Rises Game

UPDATE (6/19/2012): The game has gone live today, as announced. Head over to TheFireRises.com to play!

Wikia Games just announced the upcoming launch of The Fire Rises, an in-browser real-time strategy game based on The Dark Knight Rises. Warner Bros. is adding fuel to their fiery marketing campaign with this new tie-in video game, which has players join Bane’s mercenary forces and rob Gotham City blind during the uprising. The goal is to loot valuable gear from nearby buildings before Gotham Police shows up to stop you. It will be free-to-play and has a set release of June 19th. Head over to Wikia Games for more information.

The Fire Rises comes off the heals of IGN‘s announcement of a mobile game for both the iOS and Andriod platforms. IGN has a trailer posted, but they did not announce a release date. The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters and IMAX on July 20th.

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The Dark Knight Rises Viral Marketing Begins

The Dark Knight Rises Viral Marketing

UPDATE (12/8/11): A third document was tweeted out by the viral twitter account @TheFireRises earlier this afternoon. It too refers to Dr. Leonid Pavel and a mysterious plan called “Operation Early Bird.” Users in our forums found a website, operationearlybird.com, that appears to be connected to the movie. The page has a countdown that, we assume, could lead to a new reveal of some sorts. Perhaps a new poster? Or a trailer!? You can check out the scan in high resolution in the full story below.

Two WikiLeaks styled documents were sent to Wired and Empire today, however they’re not real life uncovered CIA memos, but instead fictional ones giving us clues about the upcoming Nolan film The Dark Knight Rises. We won’t spoil the fun of reading the memos for yourself, but a brief vague summary is that federal agents are seeking a missing person with potentially dangerous special knowledge and skills. Check out the two scans below. Continue reading

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Stage 3 on Inception’s Mind Crime Game Opens

ViralThe third stage in Inception‘s Mind Crime game is now accessible at http://www.mind-crime.com/stage3. It’s relatively similar to Stage 2, but has a few nifty additions. New gameplay features include “subconscious security” characters with guns that shoot at you when detected and the ability to punch enemies into a stunned state. Two new items were also added: a stopwatch that slows down time and sunglasses that provide immunity to detection.

Map creation has undergone the most improvement, now with tools for roads, parks, and structures. The structures (under the Palette option) range from warehouses and theaters to towers and ballparks, unlocked as points are accumulated and your level increases. There is also a new Mod area where you can customize the difficulty of being an extractor or set the security for when others attempt to extract your assets.

Although no new promotional materials seem to be currently available in the game, Mind Crime is increasingly being used as a platform to release new material over time rather than providing immediate rewards. It took a few weeks for Stage 2 to unveil a poster and a mysterious note that lead to a viral video, so keep a watchful eye on the game’s environment for anything new. With Inception releasing in less than six weeks, Stage 3 will surely bring some exciting content in the near future.

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