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Production Update #13: A “That’s A Wrap!” Wrap-Up

The Dark Knight Rises Wraps

And so you have it, The Dark Knight Rises has wrapped its 7 month long, 3 continent wide shoot. It has certainly been an adventure for Christopher Nolan and the cast & crew of the final installment of the Gotham Trilogy. From May in Jodhpur, India to November in New York City, the filming of The Dark Knight Rises has been a widely publicized, massive production. And yet somehow it stayed relatively secretive in the grand scheme of things, especially for those who didn’t scour the internet for every cellphone video and photo from the sets.

We covered the important milestones of the production over the span of twelve production updates. We’ll summarize those articles, as well as include a batch of the latest and last photos from filming in NYC, here in this final update. If you’ve managed to hold yourself to a strict standard of spoiler-avoidance, read no more. Although it should be noted that we hold ourselves to a somewhat strict standard, and the things we mention tend to be relatively mild in their spoiler-y-ness. Continue reading

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Production Update #9: This Bat Can Fly

The Dark Knight Rises

There is no stopping the onslaught of filming happening on The Dark Knight Rises, which is still shooting in Pittsburgh. Fortunately and unfortunately for us that means an onslaught of photos and videos from the filming locations have been sprouting all over the internet. For those fans clawing at every scrap of information, there certainly has been enough leaks online to keep to stay happy, at least by Christopher Nolan standards. For those who are trying to turning a blind-eye to wealth of media being uploaded to Twitter and YouTube, well… it has been difficult.

The most recent (and exciting) news to pop up about filming has been the apparent surfacing of Batman’s new means of transport for The Dark Knight Rises: the Batwing. Over the past day or two, photos and video of a strange, Tumbler-esque type vehicle on a hydraulic rig have been taken by fans on the streets in Pittsburgh. On our Podcast we voiced concerns over the possibility of a Batwing because of the practical limitations of developing such a vehicle, but it seems that the visual effects, stunts, and various art departments have figured out a way to get it done. Twitter and YouTube users @markaduffy and subaruwrxfan posted a number videos of the Batwing being filmed by IMAX cameras around Pittsburgh. It appears to have the low-speed capabilities of a helicopter, but with the bite and style of a fighter jet. Check out videos below.

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The Dark Knight Rises Pittsburgh Press Conference

The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh

Filming on The Dark Knight Rises will begin in Pittsburg, PA tomorrow, but before it does, Christopher Nolan and his team decided to hold a press conference thanking the city’s officials and residents for their hospitality and cooperation in advance. The film production will be in the city of Pittsburgh for approximately a month before moving on to Los Angeles. A fair number of stunts and action scenes will be filmed within in The Steel City, in addition to a large amount of fake snow that will be spread across the city’s streets. Christian Bale and many of the film’s star will be present for this portion of filming, which is trying to stay as vague and nondescript as possible. To signal that production is in town, a large laser-inscribed Bat Signal has been placed on the side of one of the city’s prominent skyscrapers. Batman-News has some more cool photos of the signal being displayed by Lightwave International, so head over there to check it out. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review was able to take video from the event and post it on their website for your viewing pleasure.

To just see video of Christian Bale at the conference, click here. To see the eloquent Christopher Nolan speak, click here. The Dark Knight Rises will hit theaters next Summer on July 20, 2012.

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