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Stage 4 of Mind Crime Opens

The fourth and final stage of Inception‘s online tie-in game Mind Crime has recently gone live. It’s quite similar to stage 3 of the game with its map creation customization that allows for you to create roads, parks, and structures (like cafes and theaters) when designing your game map. But where the first 3 stages dealt with players learning how to create worlds and steal assets from other players; stage 4 adds the ability for players to plant an asset into another player’s mind. You can choose your “mark” from your friends list on Facebook for greater interactivity and depth. Who knows what other hidden features might be buried in the game. There’s only one way to find out – head over to Mind-Crime.com/Stage4 and play the game.

Mind Thieves
by Teddy Blass
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Stage 3 on Inception’s Mind Crime Game Opens

ViralThe third stage in Inception‘s Mind Crime game is now accessible at http://www.mind-crime.com/stage3. It’s relatively similar to Stage 2, but has a few nifty additions. New gameplay features include “subconscious security” characters with guns that shoot at you when detected and the ability to punch enemies into a stunned state. Two new items were also added: a stopwatch that slows down time and sunglasses that provide immunity to detection.

Map creation has undergone the most improvement, now with tools for roads, parks, and structures. The structures (under the Palette option) range from warehouses and theaters to towers and ballparks, unlocked as points are accumulated and your level increases. There is also a new Mod area where you can customize the difficulty of being an extractor or set the security for when others attempt to extract your assets.

Although no new promotional materials seem to be currently available in the game, Mind Crime is increasingly being used as a platform to release new material over time rather than providing immediate rewards. It took a few weeks for Stage 2 to unveil a poster and a mysterious note that lead to a viral video, so keep a watchful eye on the game’s environment for anything new. With Inception releasing in less than six weeks, Stage 3 will surely bring some exciting content in the near future.

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Mind-Crime Stage 3 Opening Soon?

Viral It was just over two months ago that T-shirts were handed out after the Warner Bros. WonderCon presentation with a mysterious QR code on the back. After being decoded, the decryption string led to a new viral site for Inception’s dream machine at http://www.pasivdevice.org/.

Just yesterday, strange tin boxes were sent out containing a spinning top from Inception as well as a USB containing the final trailer. But what was most interesting was another QR code printed on top of the tin box. Decoded with this QR decoder, the decryption is another string of text forming a URL: http://mind-crime.com/. Unlike the PASIV Device site, Mind-Crime has been around for months now, but has not seen a new stage open in quite some time. Since Inception is releasing in just six weeks and there are two stages left to be opened, this new viral discovery might just be a hint that we can expect Stage 3 access soon.

As of today you can also play Mind-Crime on Android phones.

by George
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