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Production Update #13: A “That’s A Wrap!” Wrap-Up

The Dark Knight Rises Wraps

And so you have it, The Dark Knight Rises has wrapped its 7 month long, 3 continent wide shoot. It has certainly been an adventure for Christopher Nolan and the cast & crew of the final installment of the Gotham Trilogy. From May in Jodhpur, India to November in New York City, the filming of The Dark Knight Rises has been a widely publicized, massive production. And yet somehow it stayed relatively secretive in the grand scheme of things, especially for those who didn’t scour the internet for every cellphone video and photo from the sets.

We covered the important milestones of the production over the span of twelve production updates. We’ll summarize those articles, as well as include a batch of the latest and last photos from filming in NYC, here in this final update. If you’ve managed to hold yourself to a strict standard of spoiler-avoidance, read no more. Although it should be noted that we hold ourselves to a somewhat strict standard, and the things we mention tend to be relatively mild in their spoiler-y-ness. Continue reading

by Teddy Blass
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Interviews from Inception’s World Premiere in London

The Inception world premiere was earlier today at the Odeon Cinema at Leicester Square in London and some excellent interviews of the (basically the entire) cast are coming down the pipe. If you look closely in the videos, you can see that they didn’t necessarily roll out the red carpet, per se, but an awesome maze carpet that looks like it was taken straight from the Inception title cards in the first two trailers.

The first interview is of Leonardo DiCaprio and is shown below. To view the other interviews, check out the full story version of this article.

Let us know what you think! Comment below. Also: no spoilers in these. Big thanks to isi123 for posting these in the forums!

UPDATE (July 9th): Below is a new mashup video from the world premiere. It’s basically a compilation of all of the cast interviews. Hit up the full story to see those. Oh! And this video, unlike the others, actually has our director, Christopher Nolan.

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by Alex Haas
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Production Update #7: That’s a Wrap!

Well, it certainly has been an adventure! From that first image of Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ken Watanabe that surprised us with some early filming in Japan to the final leg of the film’s production at the Arctic Fortress, closely following the production of Inception has been one heck of a journey.

Starting out in Japan in mid-June, we found out that this was only one of six countries this film was scheduled to shoot in. We didn’t know what else to feel but excitement. Even though the June filming was a bit early, on July 24th, Warner Bros. announced that principal photography had begun and filming was already under way in London. On August 17th, the first real production images started to come in from Paris. This was getting so exciting way too quickly. On August 25th, one of our readers who lives in Morocco informed us that the Inception crew were in city of Tangier. According to a local shop owner, the filming location was being set up to look like Kenya.

After hitting Asia, Europe, and Africa, on September 3rd, the Inception crew made it to every film’s favorite city, Los Angeles, California to kick the film’s production into overdrive. For the first couple of weeks, they were filming inside of a closed shoe factory. Later in the month of September, they brought the action to the streets and with some supernatural rain, a train, and a few automobile accidents. Oh! And who could forget about those strange license plates? As images from the LA production continued to roll in, we were able to catch a glimpse of one single day of filming on the beaches of Malibu.

On November 26th, we got word that Inception’s production team had packed their bags and heading north to complete their production in the Canadian Rockies. They began shooting at a snow fortess in Kananaskis, Canada and later that week, moved on to the Fernie Alpine Resort to create some avalanches. What a fitting ending.

Overall, Inception’s production spanned four continents and six countries. Following this film’s production from start to finish, we’ve written a total of seven production update articles and have posted 397 production images. We hope you’ve enjoyed our articles and we’re looking forward for more to come. Thanks for reading.

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Production Update #7: That’s a Wrap!

Also! Be sure to check out The Nolan Fans Podcast’s 10th Episode were Teddy and I discuss this production update.

UPDATE: The last day of shooting was November 22, 2009.

by Alex Haas
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