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Production Update #1: Forts, and Wells, and IMAX! Oh My!

The Dark Knight Rises Filming in India

Principle photography on The Dark Knight Rises officially started last week in Jodhpur, India. Filming began on Friday, May 6th at the Mehrangarh Fort with Christian Bale, and sightings of Josh Pence and others. Helicopters, IMAX cameras (which might not have worked), and green screens were in use during the shoot. Our Indian friends tell us that Christopher and his crew worked long 14 hour days in the smouldering Indian heat. A fair share of photos from the shoot have popped up online via Twitter, Facebook, and ComingSoon.net. Photos of a bearded Bale and other odd characters have brought up wild speculation about just what was being filmed there at Mehrangarh Fort. The conversation sparked hundreds of replies on our forums in just a few hours. We invite you to join us in the fun and speculation.

As of yesterday, the filming in India had wrapped, and Christopher and his cast and crew flew back to London — according to the Times of India. Filming will likely continue in the UK at the Cardington airship sheds in Bedfordshire before moving to Pittsburgh and Los Angeles later in the summer. Check out the full story below to check out the photos.

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by Teddy Blass
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Josh Pence Cast As Young Ra’s Al Ghul in TDKR

Josh Pence as Young Ra's al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises

The Hollywood Reporter reported earlier today that Josh Pence has been cast “a young Ra’s al Ghul” in Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.

Josh Pence has yet to have a breakout role in a major film and an appearance in one of the most anticipated movies in recently history probably can’t hurt his carrer. He’s played in only a handful of films and has made a few TV appearances that include Parks and Recreation and CSI. You might not remember hearing about Pence playing Tyler Winklevoss in The Social Network, but he certainly did. Armie Hammer’s face was superimposed on his to create an identical twin. Pence recently wrapped filming Universal’s Battleship which, like Rises, hits theaters in mid-2012.

“A young Ra’s al Ghul.” We all know what that means. It looks like Christopher Nolan’s super-secret script contains some flashback sequences.

Marion Cotillard’s role as Thalia al Ghul, a rumor from February, was never confirmed. I think this news increases the chances of that rumor actually being realized. If we’re talking about flashback sequences here, there’s a great chance that the script for The Dark Knight Rises revolves heavily around Ra’s Al Ghul and possibly his family. News broke earlier this week of Cotillard scheduling to take on a summer project this year.

The Dark Knight Rises starts its worldwide production that includes filming locations like Los Angeles, London, Pittsburgh, and various parts of Europe and Asia next month. Spill your opinions in the comments below.

by Alex Haas
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