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Fandango’s Exclusive Dunkirk Interview with Christopher Nolan


Yesterday Fandango posted an exclusive interview with Christopher Nolan regarding his upcoming film Dunkirk. This follows up an on-stage presentation, including a screening of the film’s prologue, that Nolan did at CinemaCon this week in Las Vegas, as well as an earlier interview granted to the French magazine Première. The new interview is chock-full of interesting tid bits, but we’re just going to share some of the highlights before directing you over to Fandango to read the full interview.

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by Teddy Blass
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Dreaming, Creating, Perceiving, and Filmmaking

The preface of INCEPTION: The Shooting Script contains an amazing 10-page interview with writer-director Christopher Nolan. Interviewed by his brother, author and screenwriter, Jonathan Nolan, the two delve into the story behind the genesis of the idea for the for film and the decade-long process it took to write it.

Christopher Nolan became fascinated by the idea that the human mind can play tricks with itself. “My interest in dreams came from this notion of realizing that when you dream you create the world that you are perceiving, and I thought that feedback loop was pretty amazing.” Mr. Nolan recalls a time in college where he was enjoying a mid-day siesta. “I remember having a dream and saying to myself, ‘Okay, there’s a bunch of books on the shelf. If I pull a book off the shelf and look at it, can I read the words in the book?’ And I could, because your brain is making up the words in the book.”

Always interested in making a heist film about corporate espionage, Christopher Nolan continued toying with the idea of a film involving dreams. Once he imagined combining the two, Inception started to become a reality.

After I finish every film, I look at what I might do next. I would get the draft of Inception out and would read it, again. I would show it to Emma [Emma Thomas] and sometimes show you [Jonathan Nolan] to get more thoughts on it. But I never knew quite how to finish it until I realized that the antagonist of the film should be the guy’s wife.

It completely unlocked the end of the film. It completely unlocked how you could make something that a wider audience might care about. Because to me, whenever you deal in the world of esoteric or overly complex science fiction, or heist movies, or film noir, you’re working for a smaller audience. If you’re going to do a massive movie, though, you’ve got to be able to unlock that more universal experience for yourself as well as for the audience. That’s what it took for me. As soon as I realized that Mal would be his wife, it became completely relatable.

Having written the entire screenplay himself, Christopher Nolan continues on to discuss self-doubt during the production of the film and his tricks for keeping a level head. The two continue further discussing the challenges and rewards in working with Inception‘s stellar cast on such a grand-scale actioner.

Laced throughout this book (and the script) are inserts of some crazy Inception concept art along with hand-written notes, story outlines, and sketches made by Christopher Nolan during the development phase of this project. If you’ve fallen in love with Christopher Nolan’s (possibly greatest) film like the rest of us, INCEPTION: The Shooting Script is definitely worth checking out.

by Alex Haas
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Interviews from Inception’s World Premiere in London

The Inception world premiere was earlier today at the Odeon Cinema at Leicester Square in London and some excellent interviews of the (basically the entire) cast are coming down the pipe. If you look closely in the videos, you can see that they didn’t necessarily roll out the red carpet, per se, but an awesome maze carpet that looks like it was taken straight from the Inception title cards in the first two trailers.

The first interview is of Leonardo DiCaprio and is shown below. To view the other interviews, check out the full story version of this article.

Let us know what you think! Comment below. Also: no spoilers in these. Big thanks to isi123 for posting these in the forums!

UPDATE (July 9th): Below is a new mashup video from the world premiere. It’s basically a compilation of all of the cast interviews. Hit up the full story to see those. Oh! And this video, unlike the others, actually has our director, Christopher Nolan.

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by Alex Haas
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