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So There Might Be Another Batman… It’s Kinda Confusing…

Christian Bale as Batman

I won’t pretend to be thrilled about the news that has been making its way around the internet today. I’m not even sure I understand it. Let me break it down to the best of my ability. Jeff Robinov (President of Warner Bros.) recently gave an interview to Hero Complex about WB’s long-term strategy for their DC Comics properties. The interview included Mr. Robinov saying that a Justice League movie is in the works… as is another Batman movie after The Dark Knight Rises… sorta. The article mentions that Batman will be an important property that will continue after Christopher Nolan finishes his bit with it next year. But then Mr. Robinov states that Chris and Emma will stay on as producers. Yea… I don’t know what’s going on either.

Robinov knows that the most bankable part of his superhero empire has been Nolan and his Gotham City films –  the studio has yet to deliver a 21st century superhero blockbuster hit without Nolan in the director’s seat. Batman will continue to be a centerpiece property beyond next year’s The Dark Knight Rises and Nolan’s departure from the franchise. “We have the third Batman, but then we’ll have to reinvent Batman…Chris Nolan and [producing partner and wife] Emma Thomas will be producing it, so it will be a conversation with them about what the next phase is.”
– Hero Complex

It sounds to me like Warner Bros. has a gun to Nolan’s head, forcing him to help out their otherwise rocky superhero franchises. A reinvention of Batman sounds fairly straight forward to me; a reboot… of sorts. It’s unlikely that the movie will have any direct connections to Nolan’s three installments, but I suppose anything is possible. Whatever it ends up being, referring to it as Batman 4 seems ludicrous. Perhaps Chris and Emma will advise the re-imagining. Perhaps Robinov wants Chris to convince Christian Bale to stay on. My hope is that whatever is done with any future Batman films is done by not trying to mimic Christopher Nolan’s work. Sorry for all of the ellipses.

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The Dark Knight Returns to the Cardington Airship Sheds

Cartington, Bedforshire, England.

There has been much speculation as to where The Dark Knight Rises will be filming when it starts production in 2011; New Orleans being the major rumor, with some sites even going as far as to “confirm” that to be true. However, not too long ago our pals over at Hero Complex sent out a tweet officially killing that rumor, denouncing it as a “total myth.” With the New Orleans filming theories officially in a casket, we are once again left with the question; Where will The Dark Knight Rises be filming?

The answer seems simple because it is. Christopher Nolan’s last installment in his Batman saga will make its return to the Cardington airship sheds in Bedfordshire, England. Both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight filmed in the enormous hangers there, as did Nolan’s most recent cinematic outing, Inception. According to Variety, Chris and team will be returning to the United Kingdom to finish the Batman story, as well as to take advantage of the tax credits offered there. The airship sheds were home to many vast sets in the series, including ‘the narrows’ and the batcave. Perhaps a new batcave will be one of the new sets built inside the hangers? One can hope.

It’s probably safe to assume that production will also return to Chicago, the real life American city that often doubled for Gotham in Nolan’s films. Filming isn’t said to begin until May of next year, but Variety‘s David S. Cohen sent out a funny tweet last night saying that Nolan told him that his script is due tomorrow (Monday) or else he’s in big trouble! Nolan was no doubt being tongue-in-cheek, but nonetheless I am a tiny bit surprised the script is demanded of him. Now all we need is someone to tell us what is in it! I guess we’ll just have to wait, but I suppose an official announcement from Warner Bros. could crop up in the next month or so. Until then…

Thanks to Shindler2010 in the forums for the tip.

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Nolan Focuses on IMAX for The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises: An IMAX Experience

Geoff Boucher has posted a new Hero Complex article that expands upon his interview with director Christopher Nolan from last night and focuses on the decision Nolan and team made to steer away from 3D and focus on IMAX for The Dark Knight Rises. Nolan tells Boucher that he wants the look and feel of the sequel to be “faithful” to the first two films in the series. “There was a large canvas and operatic sweep to The Dark Knight,” says Nolan, which is something he wants to carry through to the next film. The director has been apprehensive about 3D/stereoscopic imaging, citing image brightness and scale as his chief concerns. This is something he brings up again when to talking to Hero Complex, but this time using it the context of continuity with the previous films. But just because Nolan isn’t using 3D technology for this film doesn’t mean he isn’t going to push the envelope when it comes to filming the highly anticipated sequel.

The commitment to IMAX and high-definition cameras will allow Nolan to avoid the dim-image challenges that come with 3D. He said it will let him take the third film in the series into a new strata as far as image quality and the scale that can be achieved with that quality. ”We’re looking to do something technologically that’s never been done before,” Nolan said. “Our ambitions are to make a great movie.”

Could director Christopher Nolan and cinematographer Wally Pfister be planning on shooting large sections of the film on IMAX? I’m not sure, but it seems like they are definitely going to raise the bar after their work on The Dark Knight. Check out Geoff’s fantastic write up over at LA Times: Hero Complex for more info.

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