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7 Inception Character Posters Revealed

Seven new character posters were released today via Empire. What makes these especially exciting is that they each hint at what role the character will play in the film. Leonardo DiCaprio is The Extractor, Ken Watanabe is The Tourist, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is The Point Man, Marion Cotillard is The Shade, Ellen Page is The Architect, Tom Hardy is The Forger, and Cillian Murphy is The Mark.

For those unfamiliar with heist terminology, the “mark” is the target for the job. Page’s character, who was confirmed to be an architectural student in the third trailer, appears to be the architect for dream construction. Gordon-Levitt will be the muscle of the operation and a lookout, while DiCaprio will be responsible for actually retrieving the information. Tom Hardy is a forger, perhaps able to replicate and replace whatever it is that DiCaprio extracts from a mind. Cotillard’s title might be a spoiler for some, but for those of you who would like to learn more I’ll point you to the Wikipedia page for Shade. Watanabe as “The Tourist” is the big question mark for me. Could it have to do with him being the foreigner in the operation? Or relating to globetrotting aspect? And although a character poster for Michael Caine was not expected considering his small role, where does this leave Tom Berenger’s character?

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Production Update #7: That’s a Wrap!

Well, it certainly has been an adventure! From that first image of Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ken Watanabe that surprised us with some early filming in Japan to the final leg of the film’s production at the Arctic Fortress, closely following the production of Inception has been one heck of a journey.

Starting out in Japan in mid-June, we found out that this was only one of six countries this film was scheduled to shoot in. We didn’t know what else to feel but excitement. Even though the June filming was a bit early, on July 24th, Warner Bros. announced that principal photography had begun and filming was already under way in London. On August 17th, the first real production images started to come in from Paris. This was getting so exciting way too quickly. On August 25th, one of our readers who lives in Morocco informed us that the Inception crew were in city of Tangier. According to a local shop owner, the filming location was being set up to look like Kenya.

After hitting Asia, Europe, and Africa, on September 3rd, the Inception crew made it to every film’s favorite city, Los Angeles, California to kick the film’s production into overdrive. For the first couple of weeks, they were filming inside of a closed shoe factory. Later in the month of September, they brought the action to the streets and with some supernatural rain, a train, and a few automobile accidents. Oh! And who could forget about those strange license plates? As images from the LA production continued to roll in, we were able to catch a glimpse of one single day of filming on the beaches of Malibu.

On November 26th, we got word that Inception’s production team had packed their bags and heading north to complete their production in the Canadian Rockies. They began shooting at a snow fortess in Kananaskis, Canada and later that week, moved on to the Fernie Alpine Resort to create some avalanches. What a fitting ending.

Overall, Inception’s production spanned four continents and six countries. Following this film’s production from start to finish, we’ve written a total of seven production update articles and have posted 397 production images. We hope you’ve enjoyed our articles and we’re looking forward for more to come. Thanks for reading.

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Also! Be sure to check out The Nolan Fans Podcast’s 10th Episode were Teddy and I discuss this production update.

UPDATE: The last day of shooting was November 22, 2009.

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Inception Goes Skiing


A few weeks ago, we heard that the Inception crew was packing their bags and heading north to a snow fortess in Kananaskis, Canada. The image that we saw earlier of this “abandoned ski hill” reminded some of us about the mountainous locations in Batman Begins. Anyways, we’ve been pretty clueless as to what has been happening up in Canada mainly because they’ve deployed a 24/7 security team around the filming location’s perimeter. The Calgary Herald reports that, that atop this snow mountain, Christopher Nolan wants the entire cast to learn to ski.

“He wanted all of the actors that were involved here, (Nolan) wanted them to learn to ski,” says Matt Mosteller, a professional ski coach and vice-president of marketing and sales for Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, which owns Nakiska, as well as B.C. resorts Fernie and Kimberley.

“He’s super detail-oriented . . . (Nolan) wants everything right. If you’re portraying it, you’ve got to be able to do it.”

Exactly how much of the movie involves high-speed ski chase scenes with automatic weapons will likely remain a mystery until its release next year.

[via The Calgary Herald]

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