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Costume Designer Lindy Hemming Talks Crafting Bane’s Look

Bane Costume

With punk rock-inspired Joker threads and two batsuits under her belt, Academy Award-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming returns for her third Nolan collaboration with a unique challenge: Bane. Though Bane’s look hasn’t garnered quite the same level of controversy as his Vader-esque voice, his appearance is perhaps one of the most divergent from past portrayals. Speaking to GQ Magazine, Hemming explained her intentions and inspirations for Bane’s outfit:

Bane was meant to look like a cross between a dictator and a revolutionary,” Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming told us. “I designed the coat myself – it took a year. We took inspiration from a Swedish army jacket and a French Revolution frock coat and amalgamated the two. It was a pain to have made, because in LA shearling is not their sort of thing: there weren’t the tailors who could work with the fabric.
– GQ Magazine

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The Dark Knight Rises Viral Campaign Continues

Bane's Strike Zone Map

Yesterday, amidst all of the prologue and trailer anticipation, Warner Bros. sent out a special cylinder to a couple of various websites. On the outside of the cylinder was a map, and included on the inside was Bane t-shirt. Our friends over at Collider posted 17 high-resolution photos of the package and it’s contents for all to see. The ‘Fire Rises’ t-shirt isn’t that impressive, but the map on the cylinder is quite cool. It’s a map of Gotham City with five ‘strike zones’ scribbled on the surface. It’s clear that Bane has a plan for Gotham, and he’s intent on making sure the fire rises. You can check out a couple photos of the viral swag Collider got below. Continue reading

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November Fan Art: TDKR and the Films of Christopher Nolan

November Fan Art @ Nolan Fans

Welcome to the November Fan Art roundup, our second entry in a series of monthly write-ups showcasing fan art relating to the work of Christopher Nolan. Each month we comb through the fan art submissions on our Forums and our Tumblr page, then we collect the half-dozen or so pieces that are getting the most feedback to share them here in these roundups. So what does this month’s roundup include? We’ve got some fantastic The Dark Knight Rises inspired movie banners and posters, some stylish 2D drawings, and a great mash-up video featuring the films of Christopher Nolan. Continue reading

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