Teaser/Trailer #1

An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.
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I wouldn't be surprised with not getting a teaser until the end of the year considering they're so late to filming.

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Nomis wrote:
May 27th, 2019, 5:11 pm
Yeah ROS has selected scenes shot in 15/70mmIMAX.

Apparently the rest was shot with 35mm after all.
It doesn't, I believe. On 35mm and (seems like) 5-perf 65mm. If it had any IMAX 15/70 footage it'd have been announced by IMAX on their earnings calls...which are mentioning this, Bond and WW84 as the next IMAX camera films

Reason I'm thinking Bond for the IMAX prologue is because of the IMAX footage factor. A new (at the time) trailer will undoubtedly play with ROS anyway.

Also, fair point about WB films, I wouldn't be surprised if they do wait until It 2 or even Joker in October for the first teaser.

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Oh really? Didn't expect them not to use 15/70mmIMAX for ROS.

It also makes sense for them to attach the teaser trailer to either Joker or IT 2. I'm assuming this will be PG-13 though.

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Does that make this the first SW film of the sequel trilogy to not have had portions shot in IMAX 70mm?

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That's right.

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Guessing first teaser in September.

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Sanchez wrote:
June 11th, 2019, 3:40 pm
Guessing first teaser in September.
too soon

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with Once Upon a Time In Hollywood? Inception was with Inglourious Basterds (August) and fits with previous teasers (rises with deathly hallows in july 2011 and dunkirk with suicide squad in early august)

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Can't be bothered to get caught up in release dates with specific movies, but it will probably be out no sooner than October and more likely in November or December, probably will be tied—debuted is another question—with Episode IX.

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Every July Nolan movie released an announcement/teaser trailer that was around 30-45 seconds long. We can expect the same for Tenet in 2 months. Just a few shots to set the mood with text "From Christopher Nolan"......"Director of".... etc...

Should happen by end of August.

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