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Classic DC Comics hero Plastic Man is getting the big-screen treatment.

Up-and-coming screenwriter Amanda Idoko has been hired to pen the script for what will be a comedic action-adventure for Warner Bros. Bob Shaye, the former co-founder of New Line-turned-producer will executive produce.

Plastic Man wasn’t initially a DC character, having been created by Jack Cole for Quality Comics in 1941. When Quality went under in 1956, DC bought many of the characters, Plastic Man among them.

The hero’s true identity is Patrick “Eel” O’Brian, a crook-turned-good guy. O’Brian was part of a gang, and during a botched heist is shot and — wouldn’t you know it — also doused with a chemical liquid. Left for dead by the gang, he awakens to find himself imbued with the power to shape-shift and stretch his body into almost anything thanks to being the most malleable man alive. O’Brian eventually reforms and becomes a police officer.

The character has a certain cult status amongst the comic crowd. He was a member of the Justice League for a time and even had his own cartoon series.

The project is in the early stages and has no filmmaker on board. Details of Idoko’s take were not revealed, but her hiring caps a half-year search by the studio to find the right person the job. Warners is planning on staying true to the light-hearted and even silly tones of the character, say sources.

DC-based film production president Walter Hamada and Chantal Nong are overseeing for the studio.

Idoko was a staff writer on The Mayor, the short-lived ABC comedy about a hip-hop artist who wins a city election, and now her first feature script is moving into production: Breaking News in Yuba County, to star Allison Janney and Laura Dern and directed by Tate Taylor is scheduled to go before cameras in 2019.

She is repped by WME. ... os-1167236

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Doesn't Plastic Man work better in comic/animated form? I feel like it'll be a bit ridiculous if this is a live-action film and a key part of the movie will be believing that he can stretch.

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