Men in Black International (2019)

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Penguin022 wrote:
August 3rd, 2018, 12:36 am
The report is calling Rebecca Ferguson the female lead though, which seems to counter the previous reports that Thompson was the female lead. Either way, this cast looks fairly good for a movie I have such low expectations for.
Yah that is curious. Maybe. Perhaps it's the villain? Since people seem to be confusing the two a lot lately. Villains and leads, not Ferguson and Thompson.

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Promo pic just tells me what I already know.
Curious because of the talent attached, but the first trailer will determined whether I care.

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Alt-universe spinoff of Ragnarok

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I could not follow anything that was going on in either of those trailers. There are only small whispers of fun, but the only thing I was thinking at the end was "Sony, stop trying to make Men in Black happen."

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Looks okay but I doubt it'll capture the magic of the first one. I hope they've got some practical aliens coming up, too.

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Oh dear.

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Odd that they still haven't changed the sexist title.£

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