USA Presidential Election: Trump v. [???] (2020)

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"Mediator": Do you think a woman can be president?
Sanders: Yep. *says why*
"Mediator": "Just to clarify did you tell Warren that a woman can't be a president?"
Sanders: "No."
"Mediator": ""Okay, Warren, how did you feel after he said a woman can't be president?"
Warren: *never even talks about Sanders' statement and just talks about why a woman can be president*

The whole conversation came off like Warren knew Sanders never said that specific statement and was just using the misunderstanding/controversy to her benefit.

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oh lol

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can we not do this manufactured bullshit

really disappointing to see this stance from Warren, but I guess they're both so popular this is the only way she can get an edge

so many bigger fish to fry and CNN is debasing themselves again to create a feud

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Obviously Sanders has never said "no woman can be president". That was not what was suggested.

Nevertheless it's seeming more and more unlikely for any democrat to win at this rate, considering how divided even the progressive faction of the left is. Trump is their unifying factor. Not any single one of the candidates.

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Yeah. There are degrees of wokeness and there are some in American left who like to take offense to anyone who's not as woke as them. The greater good be damned.

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