Sexual Abuse in Hollywood

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He spent so much time focusing on his app that he forgot to work on himself and his marriage

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I guess Downey wasn't kidding when he said Renner always had the "good stuff".

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Adèle Haenel accuses director Christophe Ruggia of sexual harassement from when she was 12 to 15. This is revealed in a long and researched article, that one needs to pay to read.
From the few passages I've seen retweeted,
"In my material situation, my certitude to work, my social status, I can no longer accept silence. And if it must stick with me all my life and end my career in cinema, so be it."
"We must show the tormentors [word in French "bourreau" is hard to translate, also refers to executioner, so it's stronger than tormentor I think] the image of themselves they refuse to see."
It is "not to burn Ruggia"; but so that "tormentors stop bragging and look at the reality" so that "shame moves [from the victim to the tormentors]".

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Kevin Spacey's accusers keep dropping dead.

Like I know humanity is stupid but like bro...we're not THAT stupid.

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So this is what he meant by Kill Them With Kindness in that cryptic video. Wtf. :blank:

How is the man not arrested as a suspect?

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