Last Film You Watched? VI

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This was wonderful. Completely encapsulating, loved it.

Hijacking this thread to plug Passage, a short film I DP'd that you should all watch and tell me your opinion of. ... b64tFXBzSq


"This mode of storyteling is just so subjective I dunno how anybody really makes movies like this." -Brendan Hodges, contributor
"I really dug it, even if just on a stylistic level sans the awkward whisper narration." -DreamPolice
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i will watch that tomorrow at some point i hope

judging from the screenshot, I suppose this is the 16mm short you spoke of a while back?

ja mon, although due to costs that dream had to be abandoned for digital :(

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but hey, the screenshot tricked me, so the emulation looks pretty good so far

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The Fifth Element

It was good fun by the end.

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Shivers (1975)
Cronenberg's debut is the scariest Cronenberg film I have seen. Apart from the low production values, it is terrific in every other sense. Had me at the edge of the seat till the very end when things go really bizarre.

A Star is Born (2018)
Really liked how the story flowed especially in the first half. Movie really doesn't recover after that. Did not connect to all the character beats. Both the leads turn in fine performances.

Bad Times at El Royale (2018)
This was quite fun until Hemsworth crashes the party. Hated his performance and the character. Everyone else was awesome though. Can't believe midway thru the movie I almost thought this being better than The Hateful Eight.

First Man (2018)
Hat trick for Chazelle. He's unstoppable. Tremendous film. Both the character drama and NASA stuff work perfectly in tandem. The decision to shoot most of the film in close-up pays off handsomely. Best film of the year after Roma. Not that I have seen many 2018 films.

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Finally found and bought Paths of Glory after looking for it forever. Watching tonight.

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Black Sheep (2006) is a fun New Zealand horror comedy that has a small-scale story, sure, but it features lots of practical effects and characters that are engaging. Also, never have sheep been more ridiculously scary...or is it scarily ridiculous? Anyway, tons of fun jokes and gore in this bizarre adventure.

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