Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018)

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Finally got around to this.

It's fun and Redmayne shines, but only whEN IT'S ACTUALLY ABOUT THE GODDAMN FANTASTIC BEASTS. Literally did not give a shit about anything else and the film doesn't give you a reason to.

Otherwise, it's a 2-hour long build up to a cliffhanger with a lot of Yatesian brooding and dark cinematography. At least it was warranted in HP because it reflected how each film/book got darker than the last. In this it is unnecessary and boring.

Final act is just a mess of serious stares and CGI.

Should have just been 1 or two films without all this Grindelwald and Credence nonsense.

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I thought Depp was really terrible in this, except for his
speech in the end

Law is promising as Dumbledore, but they need to give him better material.

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They could have gone all-out and had some messy set piece doused in CGI, but I admired the simplicity of the setting. It was the most focused part of the movie. The rest of the movie felt like a cliff notes version of a 800 page book that JK Rowling was writing.

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Depp was pretty good in this. One of the better aspects of this movie

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cant muster any kind of energy or to even download this

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