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I joined a week or so ago and I just wanted to hi, hopefully I'll try to be more active here :JGLface:

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I joined a week or so ago and went straight to the Inception forums, so I haven't had a chance to do this introduction thing.

I'm Jason (hence the J in the JRFuerst). I'm 29 and live in Kansas City. I am employed with the Missouri Government as Human Resources, but went to school for music performance. Go figure. Right now I'm at Full Sail doing an online BS degree in Entertainment Business. I see lots of movies, 2-3 new ones a week because television bores me.

I love Nolan films and will need to see Memento and Insomnia again, it's been awhile. I need to see The Prestige as I have not. Batman Begins is my least favorite, actually kind of bored me. Dark Knight was brilliant and Inception is my favorite Nolan film and favorite of all time. I've already seen it 7 times. 8th tomorrow and 9th some time next week.

Ok, back to posting. :wave:

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Welcome to both of you! :)

See you in the forums!

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Yeah, welcome to the board!

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Hi guys! I gotta admit, up until maybe 3 months ago I had no clue who Christopher Nolan was. I mean, I heard of him, but I never connected the dots to the fact that he made two of my favorite movies ever: The Dark Knight and The Prestige. Then I got hyped about Inception cause Ellen Page was gonna be in it (favorite current actress, gosh she's beautiful), and when I did research on it I began looking up Christopher Nolan. Suddenly I saw that not only had this guy made two amazing movies, he has never made a bad movie before! (According to RT :D ) Then I decided to watch Memento and was once again blown away by his work. Then of course, Inception took my already blown mind, sewed it back together, then splattered it into a million pieces again. I cannot wait for Batman 3, and hope that I can make some valuable contributions to the board!

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well I see there is a heap of new people coming to the forums, welcome all :thumbup:

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Hey people!

I think im the second french on this forum? so please be nice with my english ;)

Im a big fan of Christopher Nolan, its great to see a forum only for him!

I live at Paris, and my others favorite directors are Stanley Kubrick, James Cameron, David Fincher, Danny Boyle, im a huge fan of films, and i hope to share my passion here! especially about Chris ;)

See ya!

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Welcome Point Lady.

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Hello, fellow Nolan fans!

I've been lurking for many months on this great site and recently decided that I really needed to make an account and join the discussion. It's awesome to see so many people on here that love and appreciate the works of Mr. Nolan as much as I do! I can't wait to meet everyone and discuss all of his incredible projects (and projects to come).


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