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Ruth wrote:
January 8th, 2019, 1:41 pm
Anyone following the Saudi Arabian girl’s story? An 18 year old, afraid of her family for having denounced Islam (apostasy is punishable by death there, let that sink in), attempted to run away from home via Kuweit to Australia, yet got stuck in Bangkok due to a layover. She got fooled into giving up her passport, then barricaded in an airport hotel room, and turned to Twitter to bring light to the whole situation, begging for a Western country to take her in. I think her family’s already followed her to Thailand, and it’s a whole clusterfuck of unknown, as it’s not even confirmed Australia will accept her as a refugee, and no other Western country stood up. A Saudi official said that instead of confiscating her passport, they should’ve taken away her phone, because “Twitter changed everything”. I think this is literally one of those instances when we, instead of calling Twitter cancer, can say it actually saved someone’s life, at least as of now

......are we sure we aren’t way past our collective expiration date as humanity
My wesre are so incredulous towards this news story.

just realized you get a check mark beside your name when you're online

so whenever i look at my name i have three cheks


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I'm always surprised by people who are surprised by assbackwardness in the World.

Saudi Arabia is a country stuck few centuries behind the rest of the world, how do you guys not know this? :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

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Religion is a disease of the mind. But it hasn't been the main source of violence in the medieval era, nor is it in Saudi Arabia. Patriarchy is. The imbalance of power and authority between the two genders is the real problem. Not just terrible for women and children, although particularly for them, but also for men.

The reason religions have brought so much pain and suffering throughout the history is because they were created by men for men. The sex with more tendency towards violence and aggression has been in charge. And that's the first thing that needs to change in the world.£

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Pratham, I’m not surprised by what Saudi Arabia’s doing, I’m just incredibly angry for this girl, especially when no one from the West seems to want to stand up for her. You know WHY it’s happening like that, but it doesn’t make me any less angry. I’m just so beyond pissed thinking how scary all of this has to be for her... and how scary it is for other women that are left in the country. And other minorities, lgbt folks in particular.

I agree with Virgo, the extreme fundamentalism in Saudi Arabia is way beyond “just” religion. So many other muslims hate them for what they’re doing. They weaponize islam to the extremes to instill a patriarchal dictatorship for that sweet sweet absolute control and ability to maintain the kind of lifestyle the elite can allow themselves. Also, they just hate women. When it comes to stuff like this, it’s always that simple.

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I'm not saying that just religion is problem or anything. But I often feel desensitized to everything, especially what happens in places like Saudi Arabia. :|

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What has happened in the last couple of months (+ years) is shameful, sad and disappointing.
It's all about control and unfortunately they use religion (which unfortunately enables them to gain power over women and any other minority) as an excuse for such terrible actions.

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I made a friend. not a friend of a sibling or a friend of a friend. My own irl friend. #growthyo

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A wild Teddy appears. Hai Teddy. :D 🕷️

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Do you ever have one of those annoyances that just build up over time and eventually comes out as one big outburst?

My sister is on her phone all the time. So you'd think she'd know how to look for information herself. She probably does but she doesn't. She asks me stuff that she can google herself. And I've been on her case about this. It's not that I don't want to talk to her or not answer questions, it's just that she needs to be reliant on herself and not depend on another person for knowledge. And what if I die today? Who is she going to turn to for information then?

Today she asked me, "What does a tongue scraper look like?" And I just got really freaking pissed. I tell her she can google this stuff. I tell her that she doesn't need to ask me anything. And yesterday was annoying too. She wanted me to drive her to her school so that she can take care of some parking pass stuff. Her school is like 30 miles away and in downtown. I took a work from home job to avoid traffic. I tell her to use paid parking and she goes, "I don't know where that is." I tell her to look it up but she just goes, "Just drive me Ayesha."

It sucks that I got angry like that but I hope now she starts to become more self reliant and not bug me so much with stupid shit.

I wouldn't be so mad if she wasn't on her phone all the time, but thing is, she is on her phone all day long. Like literally glued to it. Does it not occur to her that she can take a one second break from twitter to look up whatever question she's about to ask me?

Gen Z has so much information at their fingertips. Even more than my generation. For some reason they're not using it.

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