Episode 66: Do a Twitter Poll"

Here you will find everything that has anything to do with our podcast. This includes topics of discussion on the show and polls that we'll frequently mention.
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News of Christopher Nolan’s new movie has forced the Nolan Fans Podcast out of hibernation! On this newest episode, hosts Teddy Blass and Alex Haas are joined by Mike Eisenberg of Tall Tale Productions to resurrect the Nolan Fans Podcast. The Three discuss Nolan’s new project, Dunkirk, and the fate of IMAX.

The Nolan Fans Podcast was a bi-weekly/bi-monthly podcast hosted by Teddy Blass and Alex Haas. It had been running since July 2009. With over 100k downloads, the podcast was the largest and longest running podcast about director Christopher Nolan and his films. Will it come back for good? Tune in to find out. You can stream, download, and subscribe in iTunes below. Enjoy.


Another great ep, and hopefully there will be more - make it at least every 3 months! Anyway I just wanted to added a few notes.

First I don't think Nolan & QT are punishing the audience for showing their films in different formats and early releases, they're punishing the distributors and theater chains. I'm glad you brought up Star Wars and how it's been distributed, only 13 theaters showed it in IMAX 70mm in USA and only one of them was in California! Four of them were in midwest, which makes me proud :D, and I contacted a few of them on twitter. The response I received from Blank IMAX Dome, Science Center of Iowa in Des Moines, IA was that they requested and preferred that format over digital! I know other IMAX theaters in midwest such as Navy Pier in Chicago and Great Clips in Minneapolis area still have their 70mm projector and have the capability of presenting Star Wars in 70mm but they obviously chose not to do it! So I personally think it's because it's easier for them to present and it's easier for them to make more money, because I'm assuming IMAX 3D tix are more expensive. I guess the maintenance is much easier than film, for example Interstellar was shipped in 3 crates and each weighing 700+ lbs!

The other issue is how they keep the audience in the dark about the different formats, which you guys touched on that too. I don't think it's because people are not interested, it's just they are not informed well and I think it comes to distributors again. I think theaters should be more transparent to provide their technical information, for example the IMAX website, you can locate all the theaters and showtimes but nothing about the screen size and projecting format. I'm trying to make a list of IMAX theaters with their technical info for midwest, so I have called some of the theaters and sometimes their employees had no idea about the screen size of their theater! Podcasts like yourself help a lot, I myself got interested the very first time by listening to you guys. So I think the film communities need to acknowledge it more like you guys and spread the words more, I believe that can push the studios a little bit if enough noise is created, I don't think they can hide it forever. It's like the 4K TVs and blurays now, movies are shooting in 6K nowadays and will be shooting 8K soon but they're trying to shove 4K down everyone's throats, so they can make money out of it.

Also I think it's time for theaters to start having more than one IMAX showroom, movies left and right are getting IMAX releases and that can make the good movies lose their spots; I can't believe Gods of Egypt is getting an IMAX release, WTF??? shouldn't that shit goes to DVD release right away?

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