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Discussion of the Superman reboot produced by Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas.
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I re-watched it yesterday. It's not a very bad movie but it still feels like a wasted opportunity. 3/5

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I really want to give it a 0 out of 5 but there are some instances where the film clicks,though very briefy,but after that it just turns into another mindless over the top stylized Zacky Snyder film.

(I'm still not sure whether Michael Shannon was just dealt with a poor character,a poor script or he just generally put in a rubbish performance)


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Cilogy wrote:8.5/10
fuck you, past Cilogy

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First viewing I liked it for the most part. Since then I've seen it twice and it's gone down each time. Still more good than bad and it's a decent groundwork for DC. 6/10

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no it's totally impressive movie to watch. as you complained i will watch it 3rd time again.

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You can see how much this movie got response that people also desire to have this much.

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I'm a generous film rater, but I don't think this film can get any higher than a 6.5/10.

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Didn't know what Man of Steel thread I should put this in but anyway, it's a great photo.

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