Hideo Kojima Official Thread

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Is there a filmmaker that doesn’t appreciate Kojima?


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Vader182 wrote:
June 13th, 2018, 11:58 pm
The main thing I thought was interesting was his discussion about how delicately you have to balance your character at certain points, indicating the "delivering packages" as seen in the trailer is (as I thought) a more crucial aspect of gameplay than we thought.

If the way combat evolves in MGSV is comparable to Tetris, I wonder if that same mentality will extend to elements of Death Stranding as a quasi-platformer in the above sense.

Obviously I get frustration at being teased, but if his intention is for us to arrive to what Death Stranding is and what it means on our own, and that this is part of the Death Stranding experience itself, I embrace it.

EDIT: also
“Once the game is completed I believe people will be able to connect all these elements,” he explains via a translator. “It’s not that I’m just putting random hints out there - everything comes together. I’m trying to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle fit in. But if I just give answers to people at this stage? I don’t think that’s very interesting.

“We live in a society where any questions you have you can go to the internet and immediately get answers. What is fun? What is not fun? What is in this game? What is not in this game? Everyone asks but that’s exactly what I want people to perceive on their own, because that is what is fun about a video game. I want people to have these conversations to build excitement until they have the final answers. The game hasn’t been completed at this point but we already have some sort of game going on with the fans already.”

That's noble of him, but the mystery of the thing also has to be attached to, like, something interesting lol

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it isn't?


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The ultimate chill game in which you play a customizable Norman Reedus, with possibly sentient, cheeky fetus around his neck, who plays a delivery everyman in a Lovecraftian icelandic post-apocalypse? Gimme.

Better than Fifer ‘19 for sure.

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Who has better hair, prince or RobinGaming?

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