Joker (2019)

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Heath Ledger plays the Joker as someone who presents a danger to everyone around him and wants to prove a point, there is always the fear and tension that he might show up like the shark in Jaws but, while you know that this version of the character has some unknowable backstory that made him what he is, there is not much sadness or sympathy there.

Joaquin Phoenix
plays the guy like a morbid loner who holds on to something...until he doesn't. That guy's life is just one terrible incident and revelation after another until the point where his perception of the world around him shifts. He starts out as someone who wants to make the world laugh while he can't be happy himself and he also does weird and morbid things. He is also a selfish man with a lot of built-up resentment. He finds out repeatedly and in increasingly oppressive ways that the world cares not one bit about him and he decides that he wants to be happy now and he gets there at the expense of other people's lives and happiness.

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going tonight

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The one thing I can say for 100% absolute certainty is that Phoenix is fucking astounding in this movie, and you should all believe the hype around him. As for the movie itself, it certainly does some very interesting things with the Joker mythos, and it is completely unsettling from beginning to end which I loved. However, I have doubts about whether the message it is wanting to say is articulated well. I was expecting it to go above and beyond being more than just a story about how society has wronged those who are mentally ill, lower socio-economic class, etc. It certainly makes you think, but you won't be asking questions that you haven't already been asking before you see the movie. I intend on giving it another go, see how I feel about it.

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MyCocaine wrote:
October 2nd, 2019, 7:47 pm
Twice in a row.

Masterpiece. Goodnight.
Is it better than IT tho?

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This appears to be one of the most divisively reviewed movies I've seen in awhile.

***This is off topic, but what is the criteria to become a rotten tomatoes approved critic nowadays? A lot of reviews seem to be from random web sites that got to have small click traffic. How do some these people even get to see the movie early from WB's or other studios?
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Started from 76 on metacritic, but has since gone down to 59. And yet it has more perfect scores than all the other comic book movies released this year combined.

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I mean, I love TDKR but I don't need to go very far online to find people who mock and dislike that film. Doesn't mean my experience watching it or my opinion about its quality are invalid.

Also, I gave up caring about scores on film review sites around the time TDKR came out.

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loved it

Phoenix is truly sublime, he's getting that Oscar

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I've honestly heard nothing but good things from most critics that I care about, so I'm a little shocked to see the RT/MC drop so low. Is it really because of the controversy behind it?

Seeing this Tuesday most likely.

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