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CBS News - Trump's ghostwriter calls "Art of the Deal" the greatest regret of his life
"I knew this was a bad guy when I did the book," Tony Schwartz told CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett for this week's episode of "The Takeout" podcast. The pair sat down for lunch at New York's ViceVersa restaurant.

"Trump is not only willing to lie, but he doesn't get bothered by it, doesn't feel guilty about it, isn't preoccupied by it," Schwartz said. "There's an emptiness inside Trump. There's an absence of a soul. There's an absence of a heart."

Garrett covered more than 75 Trump campaign rallies in 2016, and noted that rally-goers brought "The Art of the Deal" with them to the events. "They held it almost as a sacred text," said Garrett.
So why did he write it? "I took it on for money," Schwartz said. "The idea of selling out. I mean, the term was invented for what I did."

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When are we building guillotines? What's the schedule looking like?

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this season of murica is weird af

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The Moon is part of Mars now huh?

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