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yea but


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So there has been construction in front of our business and along a really long road since July of this year it was a huge project that was supposed to be done by end of October. The workers went on strike and nothing was done for well over a month and now the snow has come and the estimated time of completion is now August of next year. People are soooo pissed as it is one of main roads for the whole city and every business on the road is suffering greatly and now that is prolonged for a long ass time and is probably going to put some out of business because it’s so difficult to navigate with the road down.

If businesses do close down because the workers took their own problems and f***ed a whole city (and the people traveling through it) over, I hope some terrible shit happens to the main people behind the strike that caused the issue.

The people behind it really should be sued for the extended amount of business loss by the companies (granted the individuals would never be able to pay it off).

Sorry for the rant, I think I would legit punch one of these guys if they were here right now (and then go to jail for it lol).

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I mean

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This is kind of stupid but here it goes.

Today I was watching a makeup haul video by the YouTuber Jaclyn Hill. Apparently she "blacked out" one morning and spent over a thousand dollars on the Sephora website. And throughout the video she keeps mentioning the fact that she blacked out on highlights and bronzers and just put a bunch of them to her cart.

It just kind of made me uncomfortable? I mean obviously it is her money, she earned it, and she should do whatever she wants with it, but the showing off is what made me uncomfortable. Like there are people out there who can't even afford drugstore makeup and they're barely getting by and she's speaking so casually about dropping lots of money on makeup that she might not even use.

IDK if I even have a point to this rant, maybe not. But it was just unsettling seeing how casually she talks about spending all that money. And then in another video she drops $2,000 on drugstore products. Like I said it's her money and she can do what she wants with it and I'm just some lame ass with an internet connection.

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Dont you hate it when you're gaslighted for not knowing the plan and having to miss out even though your friends never talked to you about it.

Bacon wrote:
December 17th, 2018, 9:19 pm
Dont you hate it when you're gaslighted for not knowing the plan and having to miss out even though your friends never talked to you about it.

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okay so this is dumb but i just remembered this because of got and i fucking hate it. So i hate it when i see people online sort other people (online personalities, celebs and what not) like “oh x person is suuuuuch a lannister or a slytherin”, but they mean in like a yeah that person is evil and garbage, but they’re sooooo smart cunning and charismatic. even if they don’t really indend it to be a compliment you know people love lannisters and slytherins and whatever, and you know the person they talk about would be soooo flattered by that comparison

what i’m trying to say is stop fucking flattering trash people. they’re not powerful genius masterminds they’re pathetic trash people

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I'm getting more and more exhausted with geek culture every day.

Oh so now people care about Black Widow now that Captain Marvel has been introduced? Weren't people calling Black Widow a slut, boring, commenting on how she has no character development, debating if she really was a superhero, and constantly trying to justify why she doesn't have a solo film for years?

For years Black Widow was constantly bashed and during the 2017 Women's March Scarlett Johansson got a lot of nasty comments on her feminism, her haircut, her jeans, etc. But oh now all these geeks love her since Brie Larson came along? What are you trying to say?

When Wonder Woman came out people were excusing the critic praise by saying that it's the first female superhero movie to be taken seriously and people gave it good reviews because critics didn't want to appear sexist. But now everyone is Wonder Woman's number one fan and they keep spamming Captain Marvel posts with WW gifs.

I like Wonder Woman and I like Captain Marvel and I think Black Widow's movie would make for a neat spy movie. All these character can exist at the same time, they can all have amazing success, and they can all just be awesome overall?

I just hate how people are pitting these women and characters against each other. We don't really see this with the male characters. I mean how many posts did you see saying that Henry Cavill is hotter than Ben Affleck? I'm guessing zero.

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Just when you thought America couldn't get any worse, Alabama goes and bans abortion.

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Law wrote:
May 15th, 2019, 10:32 pm
Just when you thought America couldn't get any worse, Alabama goes and bans abortion.

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