FIFA 2018 World Cup | Russia

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Gg France, wtf battle all around but we got the silver and that is awesome. :clap:

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GG indeed, I’m just glad that it didn’t go to extra time like in the previous WC finals. Well done to both teams for providing an entertaining final :clap:

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Congrats to France :clap: Superb game. And hopefully Croatia is proud of their team. They scored two goals in the final alone and fought hard throughout the entire tournament. Being 2nd always feels like shit, but at the end of the day it’s such a cool achievement and speaks volumes of how bullshit it is of people to be arrogant and underestimate lesser known teams.

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Unlucky Croatia.You did everything I thought you would do.Your team ran themselves into the ground today but certain individual errors cost you and France took full advantage.

Still,what a great World Cup its been.One of the best. :clap:

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Well deserved. They were such an unstoppable force this whole tournament. Mah dude Mbappe is on fire.

Huge achievement by Croatia tho

I mean, to score 2 goals against this French team and make them scared was pretty exciting.

Definitely the best World Cup ever.

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Fuck the World Cup.

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Yeah it was entertaining. When Mandžukić (gotta type it right this one time ;) ) scored that second goal he showed us heart like no other. But yeah France was just too good and Mbappe is insanely fast. Overall well done to both teams and tommorrow the whole Croatia will be lit and proud.

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MyCocaine wrote:
July 15th, 2018, 2:10 pm
Fuck the World Cup.
yeah Croatia probably didn't wanna win anyway

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Crazy ending to an insane championship.

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