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Hey everyone,

We upgraded the forum software here, so things might look a little different. You might have noticed already, but if you haven’t, poke around a bit and check it out. Overall, things should be faster and a little easier to use. This upgrade will allow some new development to take place here on Nolan Fans, and we’re excited about the future.

While some parts of the forums are new and shiny, other parts are admittedly… a little broken-looking. The upgrade damaged our old interface design. I would like to ask your help in identifying these areas and how much y’all care about them. Please post any screenshots of any weirdness that you see around here; we want to get this place fixed up. :)

Thanks and enjoy the forums.

List of reported issues:

✅ "Online" strip is awk
✅ Unread posts section is all blue
❌ Memberlist is all blue
✅ All pages start zoomed-in on phones
✅ Unread section threads open to first page instead of first unread post
✅ Large images overflow post area
✅ Every page title is "Nolan Fans Forums"
❌ Lists float into the profile area
✅ Clean up "joined" in post profiles

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The "online" strip awkwardly goes behind quote boxes and it looks weird.

The text size in "Post a reply" also looks too big especially compared to every other segment of text on the page.

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Unread posts section has blue background.

Can it please not be blue?

Also, images aren't resized.

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On mobile, every page defaults to being zoomed in

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Clicking on threads in unread section is opening first page instead of first unread post.

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Some postive feedback: I can delete shit from my inbox now :D THANK YOU.

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Thank you guys, this shit is cool.£

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<------------------------------------------------------------Can this be wider?------------------------------------------------------------>

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It's irritating every Tab just says "Nolan Fans Forums" now


Also the forum is super slow/laggy now, don't know why.

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