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Criterion Collection Blu-ray/DVD coming soon

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http://www.killerfilm.com/articles/read ... ilms-13108

Arthouse fans have a reason to be excited, as the prestigious label, the Criterion Collection has teamed up and agreed to release select titles from the library of IFC Films. They’re planning at least 12 titles for DVD and Blu-ray release, and here’s a few titles already known:

Gomorrah (December) , Che (December), Summer Hours (early 2010), and Hunger (early 2010). Look for Criterion reissues of Chrisopher Nolan’s debut, The Following, and Alfonso Cuaron’s Y tu mama tambein.

All this means for us, is we get to enjoy what IFC picks up in Criterion editions, which is awesome because IFC only releases their DVDs to Blockbuster. This is now getting them more exposure, and with Che, Gomorrah, and Hunger, all of you can now see what I’ve raved about.

Hopefully they'll add new special features to the DVD. Make a look back interview with Nolan now on the movie.
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Nice. I heard Following is getting a blu-ray release as well.
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I have Gomorah on Blu-Ray, fantastic film.

All of the other films are great as well, but I have not seen Summer Hours.
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Great, I hope they will release it world wide (or at least mainland Europe!)
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I would love this very much :)
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i succeeded in finding the dvd edition in Italian...
very very rare..

but I don't deny I'd like a new one too :)
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Of course. After I buy Following it comes out Criterion.
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I must buy The Killing!! Criterion are a bit expensive but it's worth it.
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