Following DVD?

The 1998 feature film about a young writer who follows strangers for material meets a thief who takes him under his wing.
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Does anyone know where you can buy Following online? i saw it on Amazon but its 29.99 and that's out of my price range. Thanks in advance!

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Sorry man, I couldn't find it either. I finally gave up and watched it online at Google videos. Fantastic film by the way

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on Ebay there is a memento+Following bundle for around 20-30 dollars

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Try some smaller sites instead. I found it for about 10$ at two danish film-shop sites. Import from England.

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I bought mine on Borders on line Following + Memento $19.99

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I saw it on youtube so I downloaded it, saved it as one file, then burned it to a DVD. :shh:

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Buy a DVD out of another country with the english sub on it. I have the german DVD, and it has the english sub and I bought it for just 8€.

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Thanks for all the help! All i need is Following to complete my Nolan collection and of course Inception!

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I went to my video store and rented it and said i lost it, i had to pay $10. Worth it.

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Dodd wrote:I went to my video store and rented it and said i lost it, i had to pay $10. Worth it.
Hahah, nice. :lol:

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