The 1998 feature film about a young writer who follows strangers for material meets a thief who takes him under his wing.


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Hello all,

I'm Portuguese, and I finished film school 3 years ago. Have done some short films, independent, as there is no industry here, neither private investors. The only investments are public and limited to a handful of people that are well known.

So, I'm a great Nolan fan, and I was thinking on doing this film, in my native language. It's a great film, and as I have no money, the film it's not so complicated to do in terms of logistic and budget.

My problem is: the film has rights. And I can't find who owns the rights for this film, and even sent an email to some production house mentioned in the credits of the film and had no response.

Does anybody know's, or has any contact to provide me for me to inform myself?

Thanks a lot
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