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What happened to Jeremy Theobald??

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What happened to Jeremy Theobald?? Why did he disappear from films when his friend and director Chris Nolan went on to direct a $250 billion film?? Any answers guys... :batface: :oldmanface:
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Well he was in Batman Begins. Other than that I don't know.
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sam4mhel wrote:a $250 billion film??

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Bacon wrote:
sam4mhel wrote:a $250 billion film??


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i meant THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.. lol.. :goNF: :goNF: :goNF: :goNF: :goNF:
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Kidnapped by Shane Rimmer, and forced to listen to his inane exposition.

Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Mark Hamill have previously fallen prey to Rimmer's nonsense, so he's in fine company.
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ryan4butler wrote:
Bacon wrote:lol


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Here it is, in Batman Begins:


Maybe some day he comes back in a future Nolan movie. Who knows?!...
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Well he does have a Twitter account and via Wiki he is a politician.
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