Tarantella (1989), Larceny (1996), Doodlebug (1997), and Quay (2015)


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Those going should have a NF meet-up, if ya know what I mean? ;)
Something something the prestige & themes of identity in his oeuuuuuuuvre
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Well, that was weird. But it's kind of... Awesome...? :crazy:
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Haha, Nolan bein' sneaky. It'll definitely be interesting to see him doing something literally none of the internet expected. Hopefully it's released in some way beyond the festival?
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This is fascinating stuff, honestly.

Can't wait to see the presentation now.
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I'm very curious to see if Nolan got his standard crew to work on this.

Or maybe he shot and edited it himself Following-style.
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I have a request for those going. I'm from NYC though I presently live elsewhere, and just visited friends damn it.

This is probably inappropriate, but during the Q&A I was hoping someone might ask about the possibility of him releasing Tarantula and Larceny. Since at least one of those is a short, maybe this is an opportunity to get an answer on that.
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