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doodlebug redux

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So I just finish my final for a film class, and I decided to do a remake of Nolan's "Doodlebug". It was the first time I shot on 16mm film and it was a great experience. Enjoy!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2JKE4NC_IA :clap:
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I think this was a good practice for you, but it does not beat the original. Good luck with your further carreer!

By the way, which Ghost did you use?
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Great but yeah the original beats it.
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I agree, I would think Nolan is a bit of a better director than I am. It was more of a leaning thing. And who says I wanted to beat it. I also agree w/ Eric, it was "good practice". I'm going to the double feature/Q and A with Nolan next month, so maybe I'll bring this up and ask about him about issues he had making it. Thanks for watching though. And it was Ghost 25.

Best Regards.
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how long did it took ya? I reckon a day would be enough to re-shoot doodlebug
post would be tricky if you don't have the means,
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dude, why did you have to do a shot to shot remake? Nolan himself made a remake of Insomnia, it wasn't a ditto of the original. besides you could've easily done this in digital, that would've been much easier & less expensive. i can't feel the filmy tone here.
best of luck for next ventures.
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ditto, & I wanted to.
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Well I agree too, remake does not make sense at all. I suggest you better re consider about this again.
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Why is the doodlebug in color?
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Remaking of Nolan's Doodlebug is a good job for your career but we've to accept that currently, it is not at a level to move down the original one. Perhaps you'll have to do a lot of more hard work to achieve that level if you really want to beat it down. Me and my boy friend often surrounding ourself with playful colour which promotes creativity and brightens our day! (as both of us are business partners too) we create accessories for our business area...
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